❛       she’s narcotic.
                                            she is heaven sent & hell born,
                                            she wears a halo ATOP her horns.
                                            her red hair sets FLAME to my pillowcase
                                            when it’s fanned out like a forest FIRE. ❜

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You are fixing
the parts of me
that I didn’t think
were possible
to mend.
You understand
the parts of me
that I am still
trying to

A Story A Day #222 by M.D.L

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                    ❝ —— hey, uh, do you know where i can find… coach finstock?

          an idle hand reaches up to scratch at
          the back of his neck, uncharacteristically
          fumbling to fold the note into his pocket.

          is it obvious he’s not great at the new guy


                    ’ —- down the hall,
                    in his office.
                    probably yelling at some freshmen. ‘

          brows lifted; a subtle gaze
          cascading over the form of
          a new face.
          refreshing, & welcome
          fingers crossed he’s not
          a trained assassin here to finish
          off a job her family only started.

                    ’ - first day? ’


Another werewolf ?!

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For the purpose of character-building, feel free to send an ask regarding anything you would like to know about my character.

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6 similarities between mun & muse.

  • we literally have the same birthday. don’t try to tell me otherwise or i will fly across the universe & punch you thanks. 8)
  • helping others is a big part of both of our lives, and it’s one of the biggest ways i’m able to identify so well with allison. if we can’t help people, what else can we do? it’s something that we’ve both matured a lot to realize, and come to love it.
  • she values independence, she always has. and while it’s taken a lot of mistakes and tons of lame insecurities to get over, being self-reliant is something that is incredibly important to me. neither of us need saving.
  • both of us are fairly good at making friends, using social skills to insert ourselves into new groups & situations. talking is easy, meeting new people is easy, and always welcome.
  • stubborn. obstinate. refractory. we’re both single minded, & we’ll fight for what we want. sitting back and watching isn’t exactly something we like to do, and we’ll probably get the job done better ourselves anyways.

6 differences between mun & muse.

  • allison is one of the strongest people i know. she’s endured so much & still has it in her to be powerful, golden. i’ve barely scraped the surface, & as far as i’m concerned- i wouldn’t last a second in her shoes.
  • romantic relationships come easily to allison. i’m absolutely terrified by the idea.
  • as sad as it is to say, allison has lost nearly everyone; while (literally) the only person i’ve lost is her. never lost a loved one, i’ve never even had a pet die. so. i guess i’ve been lucky so far.
  • she’s flexible. & strong. & could easily kick my ass while i could hardly put up a fight. +++ i can barely touch my toes.
  • allison admires her parents relationship, believe it or not. victoria and chris were so obviously made for each other. i love my parents, & they are in no means bad at what they do; i just know i would never model my relationships after them.
  • she’s dead. i’m not. surprise.

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there are ship partners and then there are ship soulmates who headcanon with you until you run out of things to say about your ship (which is never) and who you can message like “hey do this with me” and they will and who are chill about replies bc lbr your ships aren’t gonna die anytime soon


                    ! ❝—- is that you trying to bait me?
                    because i don’t really want to fight you, Allison.
                    but that doesn’t mean I won’t .

          she’s well aware of scott’s rules
          on what she might consider
          just another way to settle a disagreement.
          but she’s not exactly blind to
          the obvious distaste that allison
          has for her — a mutual dislike.
          the whole being civilized thing is
          so annoying.


                    ’ —— bait you?
                    oh, god no.
                    & you & i fighting
                    would be a joke.
                              —— i’m just stating the obvious. ‘

          useless fights & wretched quibbles
          were usually far beneath her notice ;
          but pack was family —
          & threats didn’t pass beneath
          her notice so e a s i l y.


❝ That night at the school, I felt utterly weak.
                Like I needed someone to come and rescue me.
                                                 I hate that feeling!

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  ❝ I want to feel stronger than that—
                                       I want to feel powerful.❞

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Heracles went mad and killed his family; Theseus lost his bride and father; Jason’s children and new wife were murdered by his old; Bellerophon killed the Chimera but was crippled by the fall from Pegasus’ back. You can’t.