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1. Name of your muse:
allison victoria argent

2. One picture you like best of your muse’s fc:

3. Two headcanons you have for your muse that you never told anyone:

  • she very much so desired a “fairy tale ending”. she grew up on tales of princesses, dragons, & knights in shining armor- her world stemmed from fables of happy endings. the only difference between allison & the damsels in her stories was; she’d rather rescue herself. 
  • the thought of bringing children into the world has always terrified her. even more so once she found out the truth of her circumstance- her mind was only momentarily changed when scott came into the picture.

4. Three things that your muse loves doing in their free time:

  • listening to music
  • drawing
  • running

5. Four people that your muse loves:

  • lydia.
  • chris.
  • scott.
  • lydia tbh.

6. Three fond childhood memories:

  • sleeping at kate’s place when her parents would have a date night. hair braiding, story telling (she found out later that most of kate’s ‘tales’ were actually true, just revised), they even made up a secret language once. it drove chris insane.
  • the first time they let her sit in the front seat- she got to pick the music. 
  • chris taking her shooting. she always had a  knack for the bow & arrow that none of her kin could quite compete with. it was the first time she really felt powerful.

7. One thing they’d go through heaven or hell to save/change:

her mother. or lydia; she deserves to get out of beacon hills unscathed.

Out of Character:

1. What’s your name? 

2. When is your birthday? 
march 19th.

3. Where are you from? 

4. Have a crush? 
u hhH H HHH h ????????????////// daryl dixon

5. What’s your favorite color? 

6. Write something in caps? 

7. Got a favorite band/artist?
panic! at the disco, fall out boy, mikky ekko, ed sheeran, arctic monkeys, the 1975, gabrielle aplin, sam smith, and like everyone else ok kill me these are just at the moMENT.

8. Favorite number?

9. Favorite drink? 
orange soda fuck yeah.

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I can stay away from her.


 // ladies of teen wolf negative space :: requested by longbottomn

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I can take care of myself.



          「 and she just crossed that ever growing invisible
          line he’s drawn ; her response c r u d e enough
          not to dignify one of his own, a finger lifting in
          opposition to flick at the bridge of her nose.

          outghta teach her for —-… doing
          whatever it is she’s doing. 」


                                        ’ ——— seriously? ’



          it’s quiet; a rarity, now—the silence. & so,
          he takes the opportunity to bask in the
          fleeting moment of placidity he’s been gifted.

          a specter of a smile splays across his
          lips, making his eyes twinkle with a dose
          of unadulterated contentment. it was easy to
          ignore the crushing weight of his burdens
          when she was near, easy to forget that he
          was subservient to the grim’s callings.
          something about the warmth of her smile,
          or the tenderness of her touch, tricked him
          into thinking that the world was magnanimous
          but in truth, the world was anything but;
          it was cruel & unforgiving, yet she had him
          believing in a lie. perhaps in another parallel,
          the fates would prove to be kinder.

          calloused hands travel down & up the contours
          of her back in a soothing motion, but hesitate
          as soon as she mentions her late mother.
          within moments, an unprecedented tension soils
          the air, bringing discomfort to both lloyd and allison.
          & so, he tries to banish the negativity the only
          way he knows how: he pulls her closer & presses
          his lips atop the top of her head, hoping to be of
          some consolation to her.

                    ’ it’s been a shitty year, but we made it.
                    you and me, we survived.
                    and i know victoria would be proud of the
                    person you became.
                    i know i am. so, let’s see that smile. ‘

          fingers creep toward her side, ghosting against
          her ribcage to elicit a laugh from her lungs.
          it’d been far too long since he’d heard her laugh.

          he loved her laugh.

                    ’ play nice, argent.
                    she’s not that bad.
                    ——well, i don’t see anyone better,
                    so i guess jackie will do. ‘

          opting for jackie was more of a settlement than a
          wholehearted desire. in fact, all the girls he’d bedded
          & had gone out on dates with, were settlements. the
          only girl he truly desired was allison—but he knew that
          it wasn’t his place. he wasn’t meant to be hers, but god
          he wished he could.

          his increased hold shattered her petrified mourning,
          & his lips just angled by the rim of her thorned crown.
          she’s a flight risk by nature; a creature of instinct
          with broken bones & an empty soul to match.
          he’s delved beneath her surface on more than one occasion,
          brushing aside horrors & memories of times
          long gone- & retrieving the bit of humanity she keeps
          tucked precariously away. he holds keys
          she’d never willingly distribute; & after all she’s
          put him through; it’s an amazement that
          he stays around at all.

                              it’s revolutionary in her eyes.

          fingers with ages of experience know just the
          right spot to breach her. & she’s squirming away
          from his touch; enlightened laughs slipping
          her lips. she catches the culprit hand & holds
          it firm against him, muffled giggles still falling
          as she’s angled slightly above him, claiming
          dominance in a war with absent bloodshed.


                    ’ ——— you should know better.
                    but you got your smile;
                    are you happy now? ‘

          seconds tick by & she lets them,
          touring their gazes met on
          an uncanny landscape too intimate
          to sate precious platonic certainties.

          she clears her throat, &
          releases him, returning to
          her claimed spot against his chest.
          face visibly crumpling in disgust,
          her jaw clenches, irritation
          passing in body language.

                    ’ - you shouldn’t have to settle.
                    i’m not letting you go
                    out with her again.
                    end of discussion. ’

help i’m alive (but barely bc daryl dixon is the love of my life)

 you  bring
 out  the  best
 in    whatever’s 
 left        of        me

graphic battle / scottmcallmemaybe
round one: favourite character

I’m not fearless
t e r r i f i e d

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